• Lisa Nwoye

Digitizing Africa: A Conversation With Lisa Nwoye, Founder Of Project Digital Africa

Project Digital Africa is an organization with a mission to create awareness and provide people living in Africa with the opportunity to have access to unlimited resources, training, certifications, software, devices, and gadgets in the digital and tech industry. On this episode, we are joined by Lisa Nwoye, the Founder and President of the organization, to have a conversation about the importance of her work, grassroots efforts and access to tech!

Ology Research Group Podcast Interview with Lisa Nwoye about Digitizing Africa through Project Digital Africa Inc.

Ology Research Group conducts research, analysis & strategic planning geared towards initiating conversations on pressing social issues. While Project Digital Africa’s focus is to provide digital and technology training & education resources to people in Africa. By providing them with skills and opportunities to pursue careers in Digital and Technology industries.

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