About Us

Project Digital Africa Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2016. The purpose of Project Digital Africa is to provide digital and technology training & education resources to people in Africa. By providing them with skills to pursue careers in Digital and Technology industries. Our goal is to make it possible for all people living in African countries to have access to all digital and tech resources that are made available across the globe. We aim to reach the people in Africa by promoting the importance of digital and tech skills through schools and Universities, Social Media, Digital, Radio, Newspaper, & Television campaigns, along with any influential platforms that currently exist. We believe that African countries have many people who are naturally passionate about digital and technology programs that can change the world if given and provided with the proper training and skills. Project Digital Africa also aims to raise funds to provide people in Africa with the opportunity to have access to unlimited resources, training, certifications, softwares, devices, and gadgets in the digital and tech industry. We also aim to gain Government attention around the globe on the importance of providing the people in Africa with a fair chance of attaining access to all Digital and Tech resources around the world.

The primary focus is on children and youth, the secondary focus is on women seeking job training skills, and the third focus is on men and women who are looking to add digital and technology skills to their current skills portfolio.

Our Mission

To create awareness and provide children/youth, women & men in African countries with the proper digital and technology skill training along with providing tech software and devices to achieve proper skill fundamentals .


Our Vision

At Project Digital Africa we firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to have access to stay up to date with digital and technology training, skills, software, devices, and educational platforms. We will create the opportunity for people across the continent of Africa to have limitless resources when it comes to anything digital and tech related. We will provide people in Africa with the opportunity to take on a career path in the digital and tech industry while improving their livelihood along with the opportunity to change the digital and tech world with innovative ideas. We’ve made it our mission create awareness and provide training and skills in the digital and tech industry in Africa. Therefore, at Project Digital Africa we are determined to encourage and provide the people of Africa with access to Digital and Tech related skills and educational resources. We will bring the lack of digital and tech resources to the attention of the government, the media, and general public, while simultaneously encouraging the younger generation of Africa to become more knowledgeable of the digital and tech resources that are available to the rest of the world.

Our Founder  

Lisa Nwoye


Founder & President 

Lisa grew up in San Jose, CA - the heart of Silicon Valley and is of Nigerian descent. She is very passionate about Africa & Technology. Lisa was able to turn her passion for technology into a career and currently works in the Digital Advertising industry. She has spent time working at some of the world’s largest Entertainment and Media companies, including; Viacom, Warner Music Group, Omnicom Media Group, & GroupM. Lisa makes sure to stay up to date with the latest Digital and Tech trends and is also IAB Certified in Digital Media Sales. Lisa also spends time giving to and participating with organizations that benefit Africa.